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What’s New in Facebook Marketing for 2017?

You may be wondering what is in store in regards to Facebook marketing for the year 2017. If the changes in 2016 are anything to go by, this year promises to be an interesting one for Facebook marketers. Here are some expected Facebook marketing trends for 2017:

Inauguration of Facebook Cable TV

Since its news feed appears to have reached the maximum potential, there is a need for Facebook to broaden its horizon and get into new forms of media, just like Google has done in the last few years. There are indications that Facebook will launch original programming on its Facebook Live platform. This seems to be preparation for increasing its involvement in the TV media industry in a much bigger way.

Some industry experts believe that Facebook will either buy one of the leading television companies or build its own TV network from the ground up. They will probably target a highly lucrative niche such as consumer goods or sports.

Ad Targeting Becomes More Entrenched

Increasingly, Facebook advertising has tended to become more detailed in terms of who can be targeted or retargeted. A good example of this is seen in the new Engagement feature that focuses on customized audiences. Through this feature, you can target individuals who have interacted with your Facebook page in any way or in a particular way over the past year.

This type of granular segmentation assists you in saving money by conveying a particular message to only those people who already know your brand and are interested in purchasing your particular product or service.

As long as Facebook retains its leadership position among social media platforms in relation to advertising features, businesses that are able to effectively use these features will enjoy better returns on investment (ROI) and reduced advertising costs.

Marketers can adjust to the dynamic advertising landscape that exists on Facebook through several methods. First, they can ensure that all conversions are tracked using Facebook Pixels. This allows them to optimize their ads according to their real goals. Secondly, they can conduct tests on the different techniques available. Last but not least, they can watch and identify the types of ads and keywords that work best for them.

Messenger Communication Tools Enhanced

Consumers are now looking for instant communication with companies. Those who are ready to provide this will clinch the sale. For instance, people can use the Facebook messenger to communicate to realtors, negotiate and sign a lease.

It is anticipated that in 2017 Facebook will keep on developing and releasing products that enable the almost instantaneous communication that consumers have now come to expect. This evolution kicked off when Facebook messenger was released last November.

These conversations are cheap to initiate, and they also develop quickly due to the spontaneous nature of chat when compared to email or phone.Those marketers who will invest time and resources into teaching their potential customers about these new buyer-seller interactions and prevail over their objections will be the ones who will succeed.

Launch of Messenger Video

The launch of a functionality that works like Snapchat on messenger shows that Mark Zuckerberg is paying close attention to Snapchat. The tools enable users to modify and decorate images and videos using filters, text, and drawings. Currently, they are only available in the form of direct messengers between users, but this is expected to change.In 2017, Facebook users will be able to create Snapchat-like stories in messenger. This will then be uploaded to a page or personal feed as videos.

It is also expected that Facebook live video tools will keep on evolving.With the gradual rolling out of desktop broadcasting, video trimming of completed videos for improved replays and scheduled live videos, this is one more step towards the overall video strategy that is being pursued by Facebook.

You can look forward to increased post-production and studio editing tools offered to users of Facebook live on the desktop and mobile apps. The goal of Facebook is to give creators of content the tools that they need to make polished and professional-looking content that will get numerous replays.

Further, Facebook live is expected to begin appearing on smart TVs alongside Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime since it plans to position itself as a broadcasting network.

Facebook Groups to Have Paid Ads

It is anticipated that paid ads will be introduced in Facebook groups, which have increasingly become popular among users in the recent past. People are increasingly moving away from pages and preferring to interact more on the group pages. It is anticipated that Facebook will see this as an excellent opportunity to add an extra revenue stream.

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